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Bird's eye chart of Batavia

Bird's eye chart of Batavia

Bird's eye view incorporating a city map of Batavia, with on the left the sea, top the title on a banderole, right the key and below an inset with a view of the city.
Various vessels are shown at sea, flying the Dutch flag; the map shows buildings, forts, houses, canals and gardens.
Flanking the banderole is a lion brandishing a scimitar and bearing a shield featuring the image of a sword.
The inset depicts Batavia, with mountains in the background and the castle prominently in the foreground on the right; in front are two small sloops, one of which flies the Dutch flag; above the inset is a scale in Rhenish rods.
Key: A-I Int Casteel; a-z Oostsy der Stadt; 1-21 Westsy der Stadt.
The points and bastions listed in the key are as follows: Punt Diamant, Punt Robyn, Punt de Parel, Punt Safier, Punt Amsterdam, Punt Middelburg, Punt Delft, Punt en Poort Rotterdam, Punt Gelderlant, Punt Orangien, Nieuwe Poort, Punt Hollandia, Punt Grimbergen, Punt Diest, Punt Nassouw, Punt Zelandia, Punt Uytrecht, Punt Westfrieslandt, Punt Overyssel, Punt Groningen, Punt Zeeburch, Punt Cuylenburch, 't Viercant, redoute Buyren.
Cf. Westfries Museum, inv.nr. 15266 and Atlas van Stolk inv.nr. AVS3597/3.

creator Fokken, Hendrik

(engraver / etcher)





category print

coloured engraving


Afbeldinge van 't Casteel en de Stadt Batavia, gelegen op 't groot Eylandt Iava-Maior, int Conincrijck van Iaccatra Fokken, Hendrik


97,4 x 72 cm



owner Maritiem Museum Rotterdam
location(s) Jakarta
fortification(s) Batavia, kasteel

ship / vessel   banderole / cartouche / ornamentation   survey / view   estate / plantation   anchorage / pier / harbour   building   Map/Chart/Plan   fortification   key   bird's-eye view / elevation   elevation / bird's-eye view