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Bird's eye view of Deshima

Bird's eye view of Deshima

Bird's eye view of the island of Deshima, drawn from the vantage point of Nagasaki.
In the foreground we see a street in Nagasaki, flanked on both sides by houses and running in a shallow curve equidistant from the island opposite; halfway down the street is the bridge linking the city to the island of Deshima with the gate at the end of the bridge firmly closed.
In the centre of the image is the island of Deshima, shown as a fan from left to right with the various residences, warehouses, gardens etc.; on the right a tall flagpole flies the Dutch flag. The whole is surrounded by the waters of Nagasaki bay.

creator Anoniem / Anonymous



ca. 1825



category drawing



41,8 x 54,4 cm



owner Maritiem Museum Rotterdam
location(s) Nagasaki

survey / view   building   Map/Chart/Plan   bridge   bird's-eye view / elevation   elevation / bird's-eye view