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Goa (Sulawesi)

The land muster-rolls of the year 1740 mention the city of Goa, where 17 VOC employees were stationed. The reference probably pertains to the residence of the king of Goa, who in the mid-17th century ruled over the sultanate of Macassar, under whose aegis the city of Macassar fell. According to Stavorinus, a contemporary writer, the king of Goa was a peaceful ruler, allowing Malays to settle in the region and practice their religion. This tolerance of other peoples resulted in competition, which hampered the Company's trade relations. For this reason the VOC exploited the disputes that arose between Goa and the neighbouring king of Bone, which fell under the sultanate of Goa. The Company engineered an accord with Bone its battle for the city of Macassar, which was taken by Speelman in 1667.

historical name

Goa (Sulawesi)

country Indonesia
region Sulawesi
function Post


  • anoniem/anonymous, Landmonsterrollen (1691-1790)