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Map of the Berbice River

Map of the Berbice River

Title Leupe: Caarte van de Respective Colonie en Vry-plantagen, leggende an 't Riviere de Berbice op de Custe Gujanna.
The earliest-known general map of Berbice from the period after the liberalisation of the colony was shipped to the Republic in 1735.
The maker was most probably the land surveyor Philippus Marcus Osterlin, who had moved to the colony in 1733 with the newly appointed governor Bernhardt Waterman (1733-1740) and who would remain active there until at least 1752, partly as a land surveying examiner.
Apart from the plantations on the rivers Berbice and Canje, including a number that had just been released, also several paths are indicated together with Indian villages (H), the Brandwacht (B) and the fort Nassau (K).
At the time, the latter was just undergoing renovation and being partly reconstructed in stone, and in the map it is already shown in this way.
North is upper right.
Scale-bar of 5000 Rhineland Rods = [approximately 1 : 158,000].

creator Osterlin, Philippus Marcus

(land surveyor / mapmaker)



material paper
category drawing
technique coloured drawing

(A key to the letters A to Z and a to m, lower right) Explicatie. A. ’t Crabben eijland. B. Brandwagt. C. afgebrookene plantage Debora. D. afgebrookene plantage Elisabeth. E. afgebrookene plantage Hoogland. F. Plantage Daaghraad. G. Hoofd-plantage. H. Indianse Huijsen. I. Vrij plantage, mon Bijoux, voor mijn Heer Vernisobre. K. ’t fort Nassau. L. Negerij van ’t fort. M. steenbaackerij. N. Cacau plantage de Hoop. O. Vrij plantage, Weissenhuijsen, van Mr. Weisman. P. Vrij plantage, Swaanenburg, van Mr. Swaan. Q. Plantage Johanna. R. Coffij plantage, op den Berg. S. Vrij plantage Elshof van Mr. Ovinck. T. Vrij plantage, l’Amitie, voor mijn Heer Voordagh. V. Vrij plantage, Odekerck voor Mr. Oderkerk. W. Vrij plantage, Weestland voor mijn Heer Mottet. X. plantage West Soeburg. Y. plantage Vlijsingen. Z plantage op de Kerck. a. de Kreek Veronje. b. plantage Cornelia Jacoba. c. Vrij plantage, la resource voor Mr. Danglade. d. Vrij plange Huijsdorp, vor Juffr. Hamelen. e. plantage Pereboom. f. Vrij plantage, de drie Broeder toegestaan op approbatie aan Philipp Broer. g. plantage Marckeij. h. de Kreek Wijckij. k. plantage de Vrijheijt voor Mr. van Wenningen. l. plantage Oost Soeburg. m. plantage Savonet. Osterlin, Philippus Marcus


0.28 - 0.40 El. (57 x 133,5 cm.)



owner Nationaal Archief
location(s) Berbice
fortification(s) Brandwacht, fort (Berbice) Nassau, fort (Berbice)

Map/Chart/Plan   plantation   compass / dial  


  • Heijer, H. den, Grote Atlas van de West-Indische Compagnie = Comprehensive Atlas of the Dutch West India Company, II, de nieuwe WIC 1674-1791 = the new WIC 1674-1791 (Voorburg, 2012), 152-153