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Map of Santa Cruz Bay

Map of Santa Cruz Bay

Title Leupe: Plan van de St. Cruz Bay.
This map of Sint Kruis Bay was either originally part of Captain Cornelis Schrijver’s 1738 report about the defence of Curaçao, or a copy version of it. He also mentions ‘The Landing Place of M. Cassard’ in 1713, near the Spaanse Put a little to the south of the bay. The battery which Director Van Beek had constructed on Sint Kruis Bay shortly after 1701 was apparently unmanned at that time or in any case did not take part in the action during the French attack. Schrijver’s map also has no indication of this older stronghold, which probably stood in the same place referred to as ‘the point on which to Place the New Fortification’. The planned strongholds are always located in the same way on Cornelis Schrijver’s report maps, in the form of a tower fort similar to the existing Fort Beekenburg, but with an octagonal instead of a round ground plan. It is not always clear whether an actual proposal for the design is given or just a schematic reproduction.
Soundings and relief are indicated.
North is left.
Scale-bar of 1000 ‘Treeden’ of which 40 equal 90 feet = [approximately 1 : 6,130].

creator Schrijver, Cornelis

(assigned to land surveyor / mapmaker)



material paper
category drawing
technique pen

Verklaringen: [rechtsboven] een legenda bij de letters A t/m E : Explanations: [upper right] a key to the letters A to E : A. Punt om de Nieuwe fortificatie op te Leggen. B. Landing plaats van den Heer Cassart in den Laasten Oorlog. C. de Zuijdlijkste hoek van de Baij. B.D. & E. Baeyen off Plaetsen alwaer men alleenig Landen kan. Schrijver, Cornelis


26 x 36,5 cm.




owner Nationaal Archief
location(s) St. Kruis
fortification(s) Santa Cruz, fort

Map/Chart/Plan   fortification  


  • Heijer, H. den, Grote Atlas van de West-Indische Compagnie = Comprehensive Atlas of the Dutch West India Company, II, de nieuwe WIC 1674-1791 = the new WIC 1674-1791 (Voorburg, 2012), 79