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Stereographic projection of the world in numerous spheres

Stereographic projection of the world in numerous spheres

Title Leupe: "Vlakke aardkloot, gemeenlijk genaamd de geheele waereld, vijfvoudiglijk in vlakke ronden verbeeld, mitsgaders eenige noodige ontwerpen des sterrekundigen aardbeschrijvings". Met dubbeltitel in het Latijn."
With this work, Allard exchanged the bombastic baroque style for a more scientific one. To ensure the entire earth is covered, two hemispheres are used, next to numerous smaller spheres. This lay-out influenced other mapmakers like Schenk, Zurner, Homann and Seutter. Note some major errors or limitations persist in rarely navigated areas: Siberia connects to North America, New Zealand and Australia are only partially depicted, Papua is flat, Sulawesi lacks the Tomini Bay and California is an Island.

creator Allard, Carel




material paper
category print
technique copperplate printing

Planisphaerium Terrestre Sive Terrarum Orbis… Allard, Carel


53-60 cm



owner Nationaal Archief
location(s) Cape Town Amsterdam Le Maire Strait New York Recife Antigo Jakarta Fuzhou Nagasaki Colombo