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Maker / artist

The people listed in this programme were involved in making the illustrations. They may have executed the image in their capacity as artist, illustrator or photographer, or they may have disseminated or commissioned the image. The names of these manufacturers are derived from the data supplied by the participating institutions or from captions, notes on the reverse or signatures featured on the exhibits themselves.

The maker's role
Some of the AMH menu options list the involvement of the person in the making of the image.

This involvement may take the following forms:
- surveyor /mapmaker
- publisher
- engraver
- commissioning party
- writer
- painter
- illustrator
- photographer
- executed after
- direxit
- printer
- photograph based on an image by
- attributed to painter
- attributed to illustrator
- attributed to engraver
- attributed to surveyor/ mapmaker
- attributed to photographer
- illustrator and engraver

Photographs of drawings, prints and paintings
The Atlas of Mutual Heritage incorporates a number of photographs of drawings, prints and paintings. If for example, the image in question is a photograph (taken by A. Janssen) of a drawing (executed by B. Klaassen) then the two makers will be listed as follows:
- Janssen, A. [photographer]
- Klaassen, B. [photograph based on an image by]

The following information with regard to the makers has been included (where available)
- Name
- Data
- Biography
- Images manufactured by the person in question
- (If known) literature about the person in question

This version of the Atlas of Mutual Heritage does not include the above data for all the people listed.