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Concordia, fort (Banda Lonthor)

The first fort in this location was built in 1630 to protect the village of Wayer form pirates. This first fort was a small triangular construction. In 1732 it was replaced by the current fort : a square fort with three corner bastions. Originally it had been planned to construct four corner bastions, but design and construction were so poorly overseen that it was too late when it was descovered that the fourth bastion could not be constructed due to a lack of space. The site for the projected fourth bastion was occupied by the warehouse for nutmeg, which the company’s officials were unwilling to demolish. The fort retained its garrison until the end of the colonial government monopoly on fine spices in 1864. It was auctioned off in 1887 and used as a source for building material afterwards. Still, the fort is relatively intact, only one bastion having been completely demolished.

build start



build end




1630, renovated 1732



coral stone

historical name

Concordia, fort (Banda Lonthor)

Oerangie, fort

Orangie, fort

Wayer, fort

Wajer, fort



location Wajer


  • anoniem/anonymous, Landmonsterrollen (1691-1790)
  • Wall, V.I. van de, De Nederlandsche oudheden in de Molukken (Den Haag, 1928)