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Map of the Atlantic Ocean

Map of the Atlantic Ocean

Title Leupe: Nieuwe Kaart van de Zuidzee, opgesteld door order van de Bewindhebbers enz.
This map ranges from the Street of Calais to the Cape of Good Hope and from Newfoundland to Tierra del Fuego. Up to about 15º, it contains many annotations on discoveries and the navigations as well as common maritime routes. This sheet is part of the Carte Nouvelle De La Mer Du Sud, which shows both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. The map is based on De Fer’s rare work from 1713. The map is richly decorated, showing, among other things, gold mines in Mexico, a sugar mill, turtle catching and Meso-American religious practices. In the lower right hand corner, we see a view of Cape Town. The vignet around it is decorated with African animals.
North is up.

creator Leth, Hendrik de


Leth, A. de






category print

copperplate printing


0.59 - 0.47 El.



owner Nationaal Archief
location(s) Paramaribo New York Cape Verde Azores Gibraltar Willemstad Accra Le Maire Strait Recife Antigo

Map/Chart/Plan   banderole / cartouche / ornamentation   Navigation  


  • Potter, Jonathan, Catalogue Jonathan Potter Antique Maps Summer 2012 52