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Map of Hocsieu, China

Map of Hocsieu, China

Map of Hocsieu (China) taken from the Atlas van der Hagen, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, part 4
Top left notes to the letters (A-D) in English and Dutch
Dr. Olfer Dapper (1636-1689) published a large number of books after 1663. He wrote a history of the city of Amsterdam and furnished the first Dutch translation of Herodotus. Dapper was however best known for his many descriptions of foreign lands, which he compiled from various sources without ever having seen the countries in question. This city view of Hochsieu comes from a description of the Chinese Empire
A black and white version of this image is to be found at Koninklijke Bibliotheek, inv.nr. 388 A 5 part 1, after p. 204. This picture is missing the English caption and the English-language key.
Pieter van Hoorn's journey to the emperor's court in China took place in 1666-1668
Cf. Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, inv. nr. 693 C 6 part VII op. p. 109, inv. nr. 3032 B 13, op. p. 33 and inv. nr. 388 A 5 part I, after p. 204.

creator Meurs, Jacob van



1670 - 1671



category print

copperplate printing


HOCSIEU with its SUBURBS / HOCHSIEU met DE VOOR STADT. Meurs, Jacob van


29 x 72 cm



owner Koninklijke Bibliotheek
location(s) Fuzhou

Asians, Africans & Americans   flora   bridge   survey / view   building   pagoda / temple   fauna   tower   Person  


  • Dapper, Olfert, Gedenkwaerdig bedryf der Nederlandsche Oost-Indische Maetschappye, op de kuste en in het keizerrijk van Taising of Sina (Amsterdam, 1670)