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Map of the Martin Vaz Islands

Map of the Martin Vaz Islands

Title Leupe: Kaarten van de Klippen van Martin Vaz.
In early February 1665 the Assistant Georg Friedrich (Frederick) Wreede set out from the Cape with seven men on the hooker Pimpel with orders for the Martin Vaz Islands, for the purpose of investigating the possibilities for establishing a Company post there. This little archipelago had in fact been sighted from close up by the ship Maarsseveen three years before, but because of the inaccuracy of the available charts the party from the Cape experienced much trouble in finding the islands. Eventually far to the west they observed high rocks in the sea, ‘of which the biggest rose very high, as the accompanying drawing may show, but we could not yet tell what kind of land it was’. It turned out to be indeed the Martin Vaz group, but the rough, rocky islands were hardly accessible and in any case unsuited for a settlement. This is illustrated clearly by the two drafts above on the map. Continuing the voyage to Trinidade, slightly further west, the expedition unexpectedly came upon the Brazilian coast, thereby demonstrating beyond all doubt that the islands they were looking for ‘did not lie at their true latitude on the maps’. Wreede made these charts and views with his report. After returning to the Cape he was sent to Mauritius as successor to the Chief Factor Jacobus van Nieuland who had died. See also VEL332.
North is right.

creator Wreede, George Frederik

(land surveyor / mapmaker)





category drawing



Explanations: [left] a key to the letters A to C; [right] a key to the letters A to M : A. De Vertooningh der hoogen Clip d’ Bije korff Z.W. t. W. van ons 1¼ mijle. B, C. D’Aen Weer Zijden uyt steeckende Clippen. A. De Vertooningh van’t groot Eylant W. van ons 4 mijlen. B. De Hoeck Waerachter ’t ZO baeijtjen is leggende. C. Een riff streckende ½ mijl in Zee. D. ’T Z.O. baeijtje. E. Een Inham aan d’Oost Cant. F. De plaets waer een Matroos aen lant swom om water te soeken[?] dien wij voor die tijt verlooren. G. De plaets daer een van ons een Vaetjen schoon water uijt Riviertjen haelde. H. Is den Oort waer wij den Verloornen Xederom bequamen. I. Een Inham aen d’Oost Cant. K. Clippen. L. Bossen. M. Een Clip leggende een pistool schoot van d’Wal. Wreede, George Frederik


36 x 51 cm.



owner Nationaal Archief
location(s) Trindade and Martin Vaz



  • Brommer, A.B., Grote Atlas van de Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, Deel V: Afrika 45