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Map of the Moroccan Coast around Rabat

Map of the Moroccan Coast around Rabat

Title Leupe: "Paskaart van de kust van Maroca beginnende van Larache tot aan C. Cantin, met sijn diepte en droogte dusver naaukeurig opgestelt en verbetert". Met een karton voorstellende "nieuwe afbeelding van de rivier Rio Rebata in 't groot."
This map originates from the second part of the five-volume sea atlas De Nieuwe Groote Lichtende Zee-fakkel (New Shining Sea Torch) from publisher Johannes van Keulen and the mathematician, land surveyor and master of navigation Claes Jansz Vooght. This atlas was first published between 1681 and 1684 and heavily relied on the maps and charts the Van Keulen family had gathered, copied and purchased from other collections. This map shows the coast of Morocco. In addition to some soundings, decorations at the lower left and a insert map of the mouth of the Bou Regreg River, it mainly contains ports and coastal settlements.
North is left.
Scale-bar ± 1 : 1.537.000

creator Keulen, Johannes van


Vooght, Claes Jansz






category print

copperplate printing


19-58 cm



owner Nationaal Archief