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Map of New Caledonia

Map of New Caledonia

Title Leupe: "Kaart van "the Scots Settlement in America, called New-Caledonia, A.D. 1699."
The draft for this map was made by H.G. Moll in 1699 during the second expedition of the Scottisch Company. The Scots planned to start a new colony in Panama; the so-called Darien scheme named after the bay where they landed. The scheme met with serious problems from the start, both from international Spanish pressure and from raging epidemics among the new colonists. Here the New Caledonia Bay to the west of the Darién Bay is shown. The New Edinburgh settlement and Saint Andrews fort were founded there. In the annotations on the upper right, it is conveyed both water and gold could be found there. All the same, the colony met with a deadly epidemic and a Spanish siege which destroyed the colony. It was abandoned that same year, and only a few hundred of the 2500 colonists ultimately returned to Scotland alive.
Scale-bar of ± 1 : 100.000.

creator Moll, H.

(land surveyor / mapmaker)





category print

copperplate printing


20-25 cm



owner Nationaal Archief
location(s) Bay of Caledonia