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Map of the route between Martinique and Cayenne

Map of the route between Martinique and Cayenne

Title Leupe: Carte reduite pour la navigation, de Cayenne a la Martinique etc.
This map shows the route between the island Martinique and the port Cayenne in French Guyana. It also includes and insert at the top right of the mouth of the Cayenne with soundings and seabanks to guide navigation. This map was part of the Bellin’s second volume of his maritime atlas titled L'Hydrographie Francoise Recueil des Cartes Generales et Particulieres, which included maps of all coastlines known at the time. This work served navigation purposes and was primarily made for sailors. It went through several editions between 1737 and 1776. This map therefore provided the most up to date information relevant to sailing the Atlantic Ocean between these two French colonies available at the time. -North is up.
Scale-bar of 20 French m. = 30 ‘strepen’.

creator Bellin, Jacques Nicolas

(land surveyor / mapmaker)

Bellin, M.






category print

copperplate printing


55 x 75 cm



owner Nationaal Archief
location(s) Cayenne Martinique

Map/Chart/Plan   Navigation