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Plan for improving the defenses around the estuary of the Berbice River

Plan for improving the defenses around the estuary of the Berbice River

Title Leupe: Plaan van het Nieuw angelegde fort Andries enz.
In about 1742, all the consecutive plans for a fort, or at least a redoubt, on Crab Island or on the eastern point of the bank of the river-mouth had been rejected. This rejection led to emergency measures taken in 1745-1746 to defend access to the colony. A temporary solution was found through placing a modest battery with ten guns on the eastern bank exactly opposite Crab Island which, at the instigation of the then governor, Johan Andries Lossner (also: Lössner, 1740-1749), was given the name Fort Sint Andries.
This bird’s-eye perspective belongs to a series made the land surveyor and engineer Philippus Marcus Osterlin (see 1612 and 1615-6) which expose the weaknesses of the Sint Andries Fort and present project proposals for its further fortification.
Osterlin’s alternative and cheaper plan for improvement shown here changed the design of VEL1615. The supplementary reinforcement is confined to an outer wall with a covered road around the existing Sint Andries, all without moats but with three new batteries, each equipped with three heavy-calibre guns. With this variant, the fort itself would remain virtually unchanged, unlike in the case of the other design where the landward side would have partially had to be excavated for the waterway between both sections of the new fort.
A profile is shown above.
North is right.
Scale-bars of 16 Rhineland rods = [approximately 1 : 465] / [profile] 7 Rhineland rods = [approximately 1 : 290].

creator Osterlin, Philippus Marcus

(land surveyor / mapmaker)





category drawing

coloured drawing


(Continuation of the title changing into a key to the letters A to S and a to h, lower left): Angetoond door het gemarqueerde Vierkant med de Letteren AAAA, B. Kruijt-Magazijn. C. officiers Corps de garde. D. Gemeene Corps de garde. E. Victualie-Magazijn. F. groote gemetselde sluijs. GG. kleijne houte sluysen. H. Gemeene keuke. I. Water-Huijs. K. Secreten. L. loge voor Slaefen en Indianen. M. groote batterie. N. Kleijne batterie, of de travers. O. Vlagge-stok. P. De Porte. Q. Brugge en Barriere. R. groote Water-gragd. S. kleijne voor-graagd. Project, gemeld Fort te versterken, door een bedekde Weeg med nog Drie Batterien. a. b. Door gesneeden Linie tot het bovenstaande Profil. c. Barriere. d. Corps De Garde. e. Huijs voor een Herberg voor reijsende. f. Cazarnes voor een gedeelde van de Garnisoen. g. Comandant-Huijs. h. Drie Batterien. Osterlin, Philippus Marcus


37 x 52 cm.



owner Nationaal Archief
location(s) Berbice
fortification(s) Andries, fort

fortification   Map/Chart/Plan   bird's-eye view / elevation   banderole / cartouche / ornamentation  


  • Heijer, H. den, Grote Atlas van de West-Indische Compagnie = Comprehensive Atlas of the Dutch West India Company, II, de nieuwe WIC 1674-1791 = the new WIC 1674-1791 (Asia Maior/Atlas Maior, Voorburg, 2012), 192