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Plan to reduce the fort at Cananoor, with some changes

Plan to reduce the fort at Cananoor, with some changes

According to catalogue Leupe (NA) the original title reads as: Plan en Project als voren, met eenige veranderingen, referring to the title of VEL0890: Plan en Project ter reductie van Cananoor, met eenige veranderingen.
This chart has a flap in the centre that may be lifted up, see VEL0891flap.
Inset: Plan or papiotte of the old situation of the fort before it was rebuilt in the shape of a star.
Plans of the existing and newly-designed fortifications of Cananoor by N. Paravicini and N. Guijard, copied by C.P. von Luepken and C.P. Keller.
Key: Plan for the construction of the star fort: A-W; 6-8.
Notes on reverse: [Blue ODG-label] nr. 11 Plan en Profil van Cananoor, reg. nr. 6, deel 1; folio 28; nr. 49; 230; [Prindted Label] nr. 501.
Topographical names mentioned on this map: Bastioen Zelant, Bastioen Hollant.

creator Keller, C.P.

(land surveyor / mapmaker)

Luepken, C.A.

(land surveyor / mapmaker)

Paravicini di Capelli, W.B.E.

(copied after)

Guyard, J.L.

(copied after)


October 1st 1767



category drawing

coloured drawing


Plan en Profil van Cananoor met het Project van Reductie Keller, C.P.


56 x 85 cm



owner Nationaal Archief
location(s) Cannanore

Map/Chart/Plan   fortification   hospital / lazaret   garden / ornamental garden   flora   warehouse   anchorage / pier / harbour   cross-section / profile   bazaar / market   powder magazine / powder mill   key