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Sailing vessel in the Tonga Islands

Sailing vessel in the Tonga Islands

This map shows part of the coast of Nomuka in the Tonga islands, which was visited by Abel Tasman’s expedition on 24 Januaru 1643. The legend indicates anchored Dutch ships (A), a sandy bay where the vessels are pulled onto the beach (B), a water hole (C and D). In the foreground € a large sailing vessel with outrigger, as it was used in these islands. This watercolour is a copy of an illustration in Tasman’s original journal, made by Isaac Gilseman.
For the original, see Nationaal Archief, nr. 121 (unfol)., 24 January 1643. No other copies from the Vingboons workshop are known to exist.
Also see Carte di Castello 24.
Part of the Carte di Castello, collected by Cosimo de Medici III in 1667 and 1669 during his tours through Europe. Cosimo III bought the 66 watercolours by Vingboons in December 1667 in Amsterdam, through mediation of Pieter Blaeu.

creator Vingboons, Johannes

(assigned to draftsman)

Gilsemans, Isaac

(copied after)


ca. 1660 - 1667

category drawing



66 x 48,6 cm


Carte di Castello 37

owner Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana
location(s) Tonga

bird's-eye view / elevation   key  


  • Corbellini, Sabrina and Cattaneo, Angelo, The Global Eye: Dutch Spanish and Portugese maps in the collections of the Grand Duke Cosimo III de' Medici (Mandragora / Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Florence, 2019), 126-127