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View of Indramago near Buitenzorg

View of Indramago near Buitenzorg

View of Indramago near Buitenzorg, not to be confused with the coastal town of Indramayou. Anno 2002 the town is known as Kampus IPB Dhamarga, several kilometres northwest of Bogor.
Rach has depicted the court of King Demang Jawitara during the visit by governor general Van der Parra in 1772.
Behind the building a ship lies at anchor, flying four Dutch flags in honour of the visit. Demang Jawitara commissioned the ship to be built as a memorial to his 12 years of banishment to the Cape of Good Hope. This was ordered by the VOC, but the reason why is unclear.
The region ruled by Demang Jawitara, dermaga, supplied cardamom.
Cf. National Library of Indonesia, inv.nr. BWN XI.

creator Rach, Johannes






category drawing

pen and brush


Het Gezigt van Indramago 7=Paale Booven Buÿten Zorg af te Zien in ‘t overkoomen van de Revier, Rach, Johannes


35,5 x 52 cm


VL 20

owner National Library of Indonesia
location(s) Bogor

building   European   Asians, Africans & Americans   ship / vessel   fauna   banderole / cartouche / ornamentation   Person   meeting / visit   survey / view  


  • Bruin, M. de en B. Kist, Johannes Rach 1720-1783. Artist in Indonesia and Asia (Jakarta, 2001)