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View of the Middelpunts bridge and the Portuguese church (right)

View of the Middelpunts bridge and the Portuguese church (right)

View, to the west, of the Middelpunts bridge and the Portuguese church, right.
The bridge spans the Kali Besar, or Grote Rivier (big river). It leads on to the Utrechtsestraat, since renamed Jalan Kopi (2002). The Utrechtsestraat bisects two canals: Roa Malacca, where the artist Johannes Rach lived until his death, and the Rhinoceros Canal.
To the left on the other side of the bridge is a blockhouse, which functioned as a defence. To the right is the Portuguese inner church, founded in 1670 for Portuguese-speaking Christians residing within the Batavia city walls. A second Portuguese church lay outwith the city walls (Gereja Sion).

creator Rach, Johannes



ca. 1775



category drawing

pen and brush


Het Gezight van de Midelpunts Brug naar de Uytersche Poort de Groote revier ter Linka en de Portugeesche Kerk ter rechter Zyde, Rach, Johannes


35,5 x 52 cm


VL 03

owner National Library of Indonesia
location(s) Jakarta
fortification(s) Middelpunt, fort (Batavia)

church / parsonage   Person   banderole / cartouche / ornamentation   bridge   ship / vessel   survey / view   Asians, Africans & Americans   fortification  


  • Bruin, M. de en B. Kist, Johannes Rach 1720-1783. Artist in Indonesia and Asia (Jakarta, 2001)