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View of the northern part of India

View of the northern part of India

Chart of the northern part of India
Magni Mogolis Imperium
Alongside the town of Hardware a cow is shown crying a lake, fed by the Ganges
Dr Olfert Dapper (1636-1689) published a large number of books after 1663. He wrote a history of the city of Amsterdam and furnished the first Dutch translation of Herodotus. But he is known particularly for his many descriptions of foreign lands which he compiled from various sources, without ever seeing the countries he wrote about for himself. This map of North India is taken from a description of Asia.

creator Meurs, Jacob van


Anoniem / Anonymous

(land surveyor / mapmaker)


ca. 1672



category print



Magni Mogolis Imperium Meurs, Jacob van


29 x 34 cm


388 A 4 deel I, na p. 9

owner Koninklijke Bibliotheek
location(s) Tatta Agra Bharuch Surat Khambhat Vadodara Daman Machilipatnam Bimlipatam Pegu Dhaka Rajmahal Martaban Baliapal

Map/Chart/Plan   banderole / cartouche / ornamentation  


  • Dapper, Olfert, Asia of naukeurige beschrijving van het rijk des Grooten Mogols: en een groot gedeelte van Indiën (Amsterdam, 1672)