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View of the rear of Reinier de Klerk's residence

View of the rear of Reinier de Klerk's residence

View of the rear of the house of Reinier de Klerk, governor-general from 1777 to 1780.
The house is situated on the western side of the 'Molenvliet'; it has since been taken into use as Arsip Nasional of Indonesia, situated on jl. Gadja Mada III (2002).
The garden has been landscaped in the French style popular at that time; slaves are shown trimming the hedges and watering the plants. It appears that De Klerk's household numbered around 200 slaves. He is also depicted here, together with his adopted child.
Cf. National Library of Indonesia, inv.nr. BWN VI en BG 28.

creator Rach, Johannes



ca. 1778



category drawing

pen and brush


Het Gezigt van de Tuÿn van achtern af te zien van Zÿn HoogEdelheÿd den HoogEdelen GrootAgtbaaren Heer Reÿnier de Klerc Leggende opde Wegt van Moole Vlied even Buÿten Batavia, Rach, Johannes


35,5 x 52 cm


VL 05

owner National Library of Indonesia
location(s) Jakarta

survey / view   house   banderole / cartouche / ornamentation   Asians, Africans & Americans   European   Person   building   garden / ornamental garden  


  • Bruin, M. de en B. Kist, Johannes Rach 1720-1783. Artist in Indonesia and Asia (Jakarta, 2001)