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Map of a parcel at the Para Creek


Map of a parcel at the Para Creek

Freuytenier, Jan / Musnie, Daniel

Title Leupe: Kaart van een stuk land, gelegen in Para Creeq, links in het opvaren by de Mematuaribo Creeq.

This survey of a parcel at the Para Creek was conducted on request of its owner, the widow ofJan de Loef. The borderpost indicated with the letter A here (the one on the rightside of the map) was wrongly placed by the surveyor Daniel Musnie earlier. As can be read in the annotation at the bottom of the map, the northern border of the plantation (right on the map) has been adjusted to correct this mistake. The extent of the parcel turns out to be 1076.10 Surinamese acres (c. 462,7 hectares). The terrain is characterized by forests, swamps, and pasture. Trails, sidecreeks and buildings are also drawn. To the south lays the land of mr. Balding. The map was signed on 12 March 1733.

North is lower right.

Scale-bar of 100 chains of 5 1/2 Rhineland rods = 150 ‘strepen’.

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