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Map of parcels at the Corpine Creek


Map of parcels at the Corpine Creek

Lavaux, Alexander de

Title Leupe: Kaart van twee stukken land, gelegen in de Corpine Kreeck, links in het opvaren.

This survey of eight parcels at the Corpine creek was requested by Sir Cornelis Koeman and Sir Willem Julien. In total, the extent of the lots to the south of the creek (to the right on the map) is 1000 Surinamese acres; that is 430 hectares. Those of the lots on the north (left on the map) is 1600 acres and 688 hectares. The annotation at the bottom of the map describes earlier transactions of the pieces of land. The map was signed on 15 April 1735 and ratified on 7 July 1736.

North is upper left.

Scale bar of 100 chains of 66 Rhineland feet = 132 ‘strepen’.

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