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Map of new fortifications at the Para Creek


Map of new fortifications at the Para Creek

Anoniem / Anonymous

Title Leupe: Plaen van situatie der nieuw aangelegt defentie, agter Para.

Although after c. 1762, the threat of Marron attacks was largely limited to the eastern parts of Surinam, in the years both before, during and after the construction of the Cordon of Defence, plans were also developed to improve the defenses of the western flank of the colony, at the Para and Saramacca rivers. This annotated map of the existing paths and posts in the Upper Para region probably dates to shortly after the construction of the military posts Republiek and Engeland in this district in 1778, who are both depicted individually in the insets.

North is below. Scale bars of van 300 Kettings van 66 voet = [c. 1 : 46.000] / [inset 1:] 50 [40] Voeten = [c. 1 : 155] / [inset 2:] 150 Voeten = [c. 1 : 725].

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