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Conquest of Erang, 30 July 1652


Conquest of Erang, 30 July 1652

SvH / Nessel, Johannes (van)

Conquest of Erang, 30 July 1652, during the Great Ambon War (1651-1656). After the conquest of Loki in late June, the VOC commander Arnold de Vlamingh learned that the Hoamoalese leaders had fled to Erangh overland. He decided to pursue them with the soldiers who were healthy enough to venture inland. On the bottom right we see the same scene as in the drawing of Loki (see there), from there we see a long line of soldiers marching through the interior, via Hulong (which is conquered) and Nuhala (which repels the attackers), to Erang on the opposite coast.

On the top right is a four-line poem about the expedition.

Legend: 1: sijn onse schepen, 2: is ons fort dwingeland, 3: is ons volk Erang op voeterende, 4: is Lokijs inneming, int verschiet, 5: is Houlong, datwe winnen. 6: voorval op Noula, 7: onse afmarserende soldateska.

Part of an illustrated manuscript version of Livinus Bor, Amboinse Oorlogen, describing the events of the Great Ambon War (1651-1656), and defending and glorifying the acts of the VOC commander in this conflict, Arnold de Vlamingh van Oudshoorn.

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