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Battle near Lisabata, 18 August 1655


Battle near Lisabata, 18 August 1655


Battle near Lisabata, 18 August 1655. After the conquest of the fort in Kalike during the Great Ambon War (1651-1656), the defeated Makasar troops attempted to retreat to the friendly settlement Lisabata, on the north coast of Seram, to attempt and return to Makassar from there. En route, they were overtaken and surrounded by Alfurs from the interior of Seram, who were allied to the VOC. With the help of VOC troops who had meanwhile arrived, the Makasars were attacked, and many were killed. In the following weeks, many Makasars scattered through the area were killed or captured.

The drawing shows the makeshift fortifications (2) meant to block the retreating Makasars, and the skirmishes (3). A poem at the top-right praises the victory.

Part of an illustrated manuscript version of Livinus Bor, Amboinse Oorlogen, describing the events of the Great Ambon War (1651-1656), and defending and glorifying the acts of the VOC commander in this conflict, Arnold de Vlamingh van Oudshoorn.

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