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Map of the Vaigach Strait and surrounding area


Map of the Vaigach Strait and surrounding area

Veer, Gerrit de

The map shows the Vaigach Strait as well as several events which occurred in and around the strait when the fleet stayed there. Above we see the Nenets (called Samoyeds by the Dutch) fleeing at the sight of the fleet and abandoning their sleds. At Afgodenhoek, the sculptures are depicted; on Stateneiland, the crewmembers who were hung for mutiny are shown. On the opposite mainland (named Berenland, Bear Land, on the map), the polar bear attack is depicted. At sea, an encounter with a Russian lodja, which occurred on 25 August.

From the Wahrhafftige Relation, the German version of Gerrit de Veer’s journal, published in 1598. (See under ‘documentation’ for details.)

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