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Plan for closing off the estuary of the Surinam river in times of war


Plan for closing off the estuary of the Surinam river in times of war

Hurter, Johan Conrad

Title Leupe: Plaan van Defensie van Rio Surinaame en derselver fortresse, toonende hoe en op welke manier het inkomen in gen. rivier best koende belett en in cas van oorlog verstoppt worden enz..

This map shows the ‘obstruction Plan’, the closure of the estuary of the Surinam River in time of war, which was worked out in detail during and after the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War, using the set-up which was first improvised in 1781-1782.

This overview of the estuary depicts the arrangement of blockade ships and gunboats used to keep out hostile ships.

The profile of the river along the line of obstruction can be found on the right side of the map.

A separate small map of fort Amsterdam is also included which contains details on the buildings inside of it.

This is one of the first maps to depict the Obstruction Plan and it laid the basis for following maps (such as VEL2006 and VEL2007).

Taken from: appendix 1451a send via the report of Governor-General Nepveu on 8 July 1776.

Scale-bar of 60 Chains = 130 ‘strepen’.

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