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Defence plan for the Surinam River


Defence plan for the Surinam River

Hiemcke, Albrecht Helmuth

Title Leupe: Plan van defentie der rivier Suriname en mond der Commowyne.

This is Hiemcke’s take on the ‘Obstruction Plan’, that is the closure of the estuary of the Surinam River in time of war, which was worked out in detail during and after the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War, using the 1781-1782 first improvised set-up for its realization. His plan corresponds to other plans for this line of obstruction, but Hiemcke does pay much attention to mudbanks, mangroves and the depth of the Surinam River.

Scale-bar of 1000 rods of 12 Rhineland feet = 140 ‘strepen’.

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