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The conquest of Jacatra by the VOC in 1619


The conquest of Jacatra by the VOC in 1619

Linden, Gerard onder de / Braam, J. van / Elliger Junior, Otto / Balen, Matijs

The conquest of Jacatra by the VOC in 1619.

J.P. Coen decided in 1619 that Jakatra, later Batavia, would be a more suitable base for the VOC on Java than Bantam and travelled there to conquer the city. The sultan of Mataram, within whose influence Jakatra fell, was obviously opposed and put up fierce resistance. To further his cause, he forged an alliance with the English present in the city and the sultan of Bantam. However, internal conflicts resulted in Coen being able to conquer the city for the Dutch anyway.

After the conquest the whole city was razed to the ground, built anew and renamed Batavia.

The plate is taken from the work 'Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indien' by Francois Valentyn.

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