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Ground plan of the fort at Cranganoor


Ground plan of the fort at Cranganoor

Taarant/Tarand, Hans Georg / Ommen, Adriaan van

According to catalogue Leupe (NA), the original title reads: Grond-Teekening van de Fortresse Cranganoor, soo als deselve tegenwoordigh in syn effect leggende bevonden in 't caartie staat enz.

The Letters and Papers brought over [Overgekomen Brieven en Papieren] are dated: 1703

Key: a-z

Map and cross-section of the fortifications of the fort at Cranganoor.

Compare VEL0889.

Notes on reverse: nr. 499 w; 829; 1703 nr. 5 [829 folio?].

Topographical names mentioned on this chart: punt Amsterdam, punt Rotterdam, punt Middelburgh, batterij Rijswijck, Westwout [?], Overijsel.

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