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View of Honimoa, expedition A. Gijsels


View of Honimoa, expedition A. Gijsels

Anoniem / Anonymous / Gijsels, Artus/Arnoult

View of Saparauwa, expedition A. Gijsels.


1 Isere Saecker swaar Naar gissingh [?] 2000 schiet [?] 4. 1 d:o 2000 4. 2 Iser Steen stucken met haar Camers. 100 [?] Boscruyt. 8 Stx Rondtscharp. 400 Stx Mutsquetcoegels. 8 heele piecken 6 Bossen Hollantse Londt. 6 Stux Mutsquetten.

The illustration is taken from a report by A. Gijsels, and the list is probably an inventory or list of goods to be ordered for the post in question.

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