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The bay and surrounding mountains at Assahoedi


The bay and surrounding mountains at Assahoedi

Anoniem / Anonymous

According to the Leupe catalogue (NA), the original title reads: Afbeelding van de baay en het daaraan gelegen gebergte, met des vyands werken enz. van Assahoedi.

Belongs with the report by Arnold de Vlamingh van Outshoorn.

The Dutch fort is indicated against number I in the key.

Key: A-Q

The reverse is stuck down with brown paper. The representation on the map is for the most part difficult to discern due to large brown stains on the map. However the key is easily legible except under the letter A.

Notes on reverse: 662 [stamped on a small label in bold] / No 113 [preceded by two illegible words, all in red pencil].

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