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The castle at Colombo


The castle at Colombo

Toorzee, Jan Christiaensz

The original title according to the catalogue Leupe (NA) reads: Kaart als voren [etc.], here referred to as the title of VEL945: 'T Casteel Colombo, soo als hetselve tegenwoordig is.

Key: A-N; 1-22

Map of the city of Colombo, specifically mentioning the property in use, the fortifications and the locations of the VOC buildings in 1697.

Notes on reverse: Blauw etiket onleesbaar door eerdere restauratie overgeplakt met japans papier. Gedrukt etiket nr. 526..

Terms mentioned on this map are: wapenkamer, zaagmolen, smitswinkel.

Topographical names mentioned are: Batenburg, den Briel, Enckhuysen, Middelburgh, Rotterdam, Hoorn, Amsterdam, Delvt, Leijden, Zeeburg, Klippenburgh.

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