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Map of farmlands in the Batavia region, part two


Map of farmlands in the Batavia region, part two

Anoniem / Anonymous

Title in the Leupe catalogue (National Archives): Campong der Baliërs geleegen omtrent 1/4 uur gaans beoosten deese stadt aan de noordzijde van de Bacharagts-gragt, eeven beneeden de Vijffhoeck door Z.E. Willem van Outshoorn in 1690 an den luit. Mambal en capit. Pangoekieran gegeeven.

The diminutive chart is numbered no.2, top left and in the middle N.2..

The chart is one of a collection of 24 maps, of which the numbers 11,20,21 and 26 are missing.

The map shows a number of roads and waterways, which are indicated by the following terms (among others) de Oude Rivier Grogol; de Bacharagte Gragt; N.Z.; Z 6 GrO. 92.

Near the bottom of the map there is compass with the following points marked: W; N;O;Z and a scale of Schaal van Vijftig Rhijns: Roeden has been added.

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