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Map of the Sint Anna Bay


Map of the Sint Anna Bay

Horst, Engelbertus / Schrijver, Cornelis / Esdré, Godfried Carel

Title Leupe: Plan van de haven van Curaçao.

This rare hydrographical map of the entrance to Sint Anna Bay is probably based on measurements and soundings taken on 26 August 1748, most likely by the military engineers Carel Gustaaf Schrijver and Godfried Carel Esdé. The map shown here was drawn by the Captain-Lieutenant of the Artillery and engineer of the fortifications Engelbertus Horst. He shows the soundings at high tide through drawing their measurements on a surface map. This is a conventional depiction compared to the maps under VEL158 and 159. At ‘de Kriek’ (top left on the map), next to the pier, it is indicated that this is where 'the chain is bound for closing off the harbour.'

North is right.

Scale-bars of 50 Rhineland Rods = 260 ‘strepen’.

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