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Map of the plantation Boxel at the Suriname River


Map of the plantation Boxel at the Suriname River


Title Leupe: Kaart van een stuk land, gelegen tusschen de Plantagien Domburg en Vreedenburg enz.

This survey of new lots of the plantation Boxel at the Suriname River and Para Creek was requested by the administrator of this plantation, Frans Kerk. One of the new lots was obtained by Maria Magdalena van Gelre, the widow of Boxel, in 1697. This parcel turns out to measure 2000 Surinamese acres or 860 hectares. Next to this, a strip of 137 acres (18,91 hectares) was also attached to the plantation, although a large share of it belongs to Pierre Touron. In addition, another parcel of approximately 1000 acres (430 hectares) belonging to mrs. van Gelre at the Para Creek (designated with the letter ‘A’) was also surveyed. Since the acreage fell just below the numbers assigned in the WIC warrant, the land surveyor redivided some of the adjacent parcels belonging to the WIC and the plantation Leuwaarde. He explains this reshuffling in the annotations at the bottom left. A second version of the map was made to remeasure the Domburg plantation, The land surveyor wrote: "that I have proof that Joh. Verus Henriqueze acted with ill intentions" when drawing his borders. The map was signed on 19 January 1739.

North is below.

Scale-bars 130 Chains of 66 Rhineland feet = 123 ‘strepen’.

Also see the nearly identical copy VEL1706.

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