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Map of parcels at the Para Creek


Map of parcels at the Para Creek

Palm, Gustavus / Meusnier

Title Leupe: Kaart van eenige landen, gelegen tusschen de Plantagie Houttuyn en de Plantagie van Anthony des Loges.

Large parts of this map derive from a survey conducted by Meusnier in 1696. Back then, the Vreedenburg and Cuylenburg plantations were measured together with surrounding private lots. Because of the growing woodcutting industry, the map of Meusnier was copied in 1715 to calculate the distance 'between de plantation of the shed for woodcutting belonging to Sir Adriaan Luylenburgh and the Company and the lodges of van Anthonij.' This distance turns out to measure 1600 Surinamese acres, that is 688 hectares, and is indicated with the letters A-D. Disagreement exists on the location of a post which equally serves as a border indicator, this controversy is elaborated in the notes at the bottom of the map. The notes within the parcels provide further comments on the applied survey methods.

North is lower right.

Scale-bars 100 Chains of 66 Rhineland feet = 123 ‘strepen’.

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