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Defence plan for Suriname


Defence plan for Suriname

Robaté, Antooni

Title Leupe: Plan van verdediging der rivieren Suriname en Commowyne enz.

This map and drawing by N. Robaté are part of a series constituting a plan for the improvement of Surinam's defences.

Depicted here are plan A on the left and plan 2 on the right. Plan A stresses how the mangrove at the coast can be used as a natural defence against incoming enemies. At the onset of a hostile assault, the coastal guard post (indicated with the letter G) should have enough time to inform the lplantations in the hinterland without directly being trailed. Troops and laymen at the plantation can then ready the trenches and posts which are indicated with the letters a, o and e to direct their fire on the only traversable road through the mangrove. The target on plan 2 gives an impression of the range of fire of the Surinamese artillary as measured in April 1766. An elaborate report of Robaté found under the same inventory number provides more details on these plans.

Scale-bar of 8 feet [Plan 2].

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