Gravesend, fort

Like other villages in New Netherland, Gravesend was ordered to construct a palisade after the attack on New Amsterdam of September 1655 had given rise to fear for further Native American hostilities. In April 1656, the magistrates of Gravesend, who had earlier applied for and were granted a small garrison, reported that they had “enclosed their village with palisades.” To reinforce the village further, they asked to be provided with three or four cannon and munitions of war. After deliberation, director general and council allowed them the use of two pieces, as well as fifty pounds of powder and twelve balls of four pound each. The palisaded area lies between Van Sicklen Street, Village Road North, Village Road East, and Village Road South and according to Paul Huey it is very likely that these stockades can be located.

Bronnen en literatuur

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