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Chart of the south coast of Curaçao

Chart of the south coast of Curaçao

Title Leupe: Kaart van de Kust van het Eyland Curaçao, tusschen de Oostpunt en de Westkust, waarop de Baayen de Piscadores. St.Michiel. Porto Marie en St. Cruys, in het groot.
Nothing is known about the background to this anonymous map of the whole of the south coast of Curaçao, with supplementary maps of Sint Kruis Bay, Porto Marie Bay and Sint Michiel Bay. In view of the indication of the fortifications in the bays mentioned, in keeping with the various plans from 1741 and the years thereafter, the map can be dated roughly between 1740 and 1750.
North is upper left.
Scale-bar of 3 miles = [approximately 1 : 108,000].

creator Anoniem / Anonymous

(land surveyor / mapmaker)





category drawing

coloured drawing


S:t Cruys int groot. Sint Kruis Bay to a large scale. Porte Marie in’t groot. Porto Marie Bay to a large scale. S:t Michiel int groot. Sint Michiel Bay to a large scale. Piscadeeres in ’t groot. Piscadera Bay to a large scale. Anoniem / Anonymous


62,5 x 102 cm.



owner Nationaal Archief
location(s) Willemstad Piscaderabaai Sint Michielsbaai Vaersenbaai Bullenbaai Porto Marie St. Kruis Westpunt (Curaçao) Caracas Bay Barbara Strand Fuik Baai



  • Heijer, H. den, Grote Atlas van de West-Indische Compagnie = Comprehensive Atlas of the Dutch West India Company, II, de nieuwe WIC 1674-1791 = the new WIC 1674-1791 (Asia Maior/Atlas Maior, Voorburg, 2012), 48