How can I order an image?

As a research database, the AMH does not own any of the objects, and is bound to follow the policy of the institution that owns the object with regard to ordering images, publishing rights etc. 

In many cases this means that we cannot supply images but will have to refer you to the institution that has the object in collection, to be found in the object data.

However, a growing number of cultural institutions makes its images available under a Creative Commons licence. This is the case for e.g. the Nationaal Archief and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. For this reason the AMH has made the c. 2500 images from these collections available through Wikimedia Commons. They can be found there through e.g. name or object number.

The Rijksmuseum collection has made its entire collection of images available through its own website. If one creates an account, al images can be downloaded in high resolution through the online Rijksmuseum catalog.

I have spotted a mistake / I have additional information about an object.

We welcome that very much! You can contact us through info@atlasofmutualheritage.nl or the Facebook page.

I have a specific question about an object/fort/post.

We are always happy to help, but do not always have the answer. In many cases we can, however, refer you to a specialist who does.