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Kijk in den Pot, fort (Banda)

Fort Kijk in den Pot was built at a strategic position on the island of Gunung Api, in the middle of the Lonthor strait. Ships passing through this passage naturally came within firing range of the fort’s cannon. Being located on Gung Api, the fort suffered from earthquakes and vulcanic eruptions. Built in 1664 as a coastal battery, it was extended and modified until it collapsed in an earthquake in 1683. It was then rebuilt and would again be rebuilt in 1762 as a semicircular battery with a half-moon.. As the opinions on the defense of Banda changed repeatedly throughout the years, the fort was repeatedly abandoned only to be taken back in service a couple of years later. It was ultimately retained well into the first half of the nineteenth century. At present, some remnants remain.

creator Dulez, Gideon


build start




build end





Built 1664, rebuilt after earthquake 1683, revised and extended 1762.


coral stone



historical name

Kijk in den Pot, fort (Banda)

Kota, fort

Keyk in den Pot, fort

Kijck in de pot, fort

Kijk in de poth, fort

location Gunung Api


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