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Kuijlenburg, fort

The small redoubt Kuilenburg was built in 1636 on the northern end of the island of Banda Besar (Lonthor). Built on top of a hill, it guarded the northernmost part of the island as well as the passage between the islands of Lonthor and Neira. It was accessible from the village of Salomon by means of a flight of stone stairs running up the hill. It was built at the orders of Governor-General Antonie van Diemen, who named it Kuilenburg after his hometown of Culemborg. Acoording to an inscription, Governor Willem van der Zijl (1680-1682) rebuilt the redoubt in 1682. It was a typical redoubt for the Moluccas, consisting of a stone tower, accessible at the top by means of a wooden ladder, covered by a steep tiled roof. Though parts of the structure were still intact early in the twentieth century, by 1928 only ruins remained, it having been used as a quarry by the local inhabitants. Presenlty, only some remains of walls can be discerned.

creator Acoley, Cornelis


Diemen, Antonie van


Zijl, Willem van der



1636, rebuilt 1682


coral stone



historical name

Kuijlenburg, fort

Cuijlenburg, fort

Cuijlenburgh, fort

Kuylenburg, fort

Kuilenburg, fort

Culemborg, fort

Salomon, fort



location Celam


  • anoniem/anonymous, Landmonsterrollen (1691-1790)
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