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Map of the Canje River

Map of the Canje River

Title Leupe: Accurate plaan van den staat en loop van Rio de Canie enz.
This general map shows the situation at the Canje River as it was just over five years after the Osterlin map (VEL1565). It also shows part of the lower reach of the Berbice river.
In the interim period the land reclamation process, in the interest of developing new plantations, had rapidly progressed, especially along the upper reaches of both rivers. -Knapp had been sent out in 1735 and he stayed in Berbice until at least 1744.
There he later also became a member of the Police Council and was involved in the renewal of Fort Nassau; see also his ground plans under number VEL1661A and B.
In addition to the plantations, the fortification Brandwacht is also depicted.
A slightly more elaborate version of the maps by Knapp reproduced here and combined to fill one sheet was printed in 1742 by the Amsterdam engraver and publisher Hendrik de Leth
North is lower left.
Scale-bars of 1000 Rhineland Rods = [approximately 1 : 58,000].

creator Knapp, Jan Daniël

(land surveyor / mapmaker)





category drawing

coloured drawing


0.49 - 0.72 El. (99 x 209 cm.)



owner Nationaal Archief
location(s) Berbice Icoerwa
fortification(s) Brandwacht, fort (Berbice)

Map/Chart/Plan   plantation   compass / dial  


  • Heijer, H. den, Grote Atlas van de West-Indische Compagnie = Comprehensive Atlas of the Dutch West India Company, II, de nieuwe WIC 1674-1791 = the new WIC 1674-1791 (Asia Maior/Atlas Maior, Voorburg, 2012), 154-155