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The conquest of Macassar by Speelman from 1666 to 1669

The conquest of Macassar by Speelman from 1666 to 1669

Title in the Leupe catalogue (NA): Afbeelding van de ,,vicotrien der Nederl Geoctr. O.I. Compagnie [in] het koninkrijck van Macasser'' van de zeezijde.
The conquest of Makassar by Speelman occurred in 1669.
A bird's eye view of the area surrounding Maccassar, showing skirmishes at several locations.
In the background the estuary with indigenous and Dutch vessels.
Depicted in the foreground is a battle between mounted fighters and infantry using lances, daggers, swords, axes and firearms.
Depicted in the centre is a major deployment of an army with three units of lancers and several dozenmen with firearms and (Dutch) flags.
More in the background are fortifications, burning buildings and ships; in the background right, on the water, there are several Dutch three-masted vessels showing plumes of smoke from firing cannon. To the left of these ships there are several junks and smaller vessels.
The top of the picture features two details of the battle, surmounted by text and on either side the portraits of Speelman and the Bouginese king; in the centre there is a laurel wreath flanked on either side by two allegorical female figures with underneath the title of the print inscribed in a scroll.
The portrait on the left is labelled De Heer Cornelis Speelman Raat van Indie out gouv op Cormandel Superintend Adm. velto: en Comm. province R.D. Prov[?].
The portrait on the right bears the inscription: Radja Palacca de Koningh der Bougies.
The left-hand detail shows a battle between several vessels, with in the background a city with several fires. Above it, the inscription: Glisson, Pannekoke, Battabarra, Barrambon etc. overweldicht.
The right-hand detail shows a part of the battle near thecity walls. The text given above reads: De hooftstat Samboupo en s Konings Hof stormende ingenomen.
Cf. the print from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, inv.nr. 1049B13_030 and Rijksmuseum, inv.nr. RP-P-OB-75-350.

creator Hooge, Romeyn de

(engraver / etcher)

(land surveyor / mapmaker)





category print

copperplate printing


Victorien der Nederl. Ge O Compagnie in het Koninkryck van Macassar Hooge, Romeyn de


40 x 55 cm



owner Nationaal Archief
location(s) Makassar

ship / vessel   fortification   battle / taking / war (fight)   bird's-eye view / elevation   elevation / bird's-eye view   European   building   banderole / cartouche / ornamentation   Asians, Africans & Americans   Person   blockade / naval battle   house   fauna   portrait   flora