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Map of Hamburgh plantation


Map of Hamburgh plantation

Freuytenier, Jan

Title Leupe: Kaart van de Plantagie Hamburg, van twee stukken land, gelegen tusschen de Plantagien Zardam en Goudmyn.

This map shows the lands of Sir Pichet (red borders, indicated with the letters A-D and E-H) on the south bank (above on the map) of the Cottica river and to the east of the Commewijne river.

Sir Jan Pichet obtained these lands on 29 January 1734.

This piece of land turns out to measure 278 Surinamese acres (119,54 hectares).

The lot lays east of the De Goudmijn and Nieuw Klaaren Beek plantations, west of the Sardam plantation and north of the Rustenburg and Sinoribo plantations.

Dwellings are drawn along the river, both within the plantation and on the opposite bank.

The map is signed by the surveyor on 3 March 1734 and ratified on 18 February 1736 in Paramaribo.

Scale of 100 Chains of 66 Rhineland feet = 165 ‘strepen’.

Taken from: [OBP Suriname] 1736 [fols.] 1265-1266.

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