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Map of area between the coast and the Cottica river


Map of area between the coast and the Cottica river

Heneman, Johan Christoph von / Wollant, Johann Friedrich Ferdinand

Title Leupe: Kaart van de rivier Cottica, van de Koopmans Kreek tot La Paix Kreek, met opgave van het terrein tusschen Post Vredenburg en la Paix.

This map shows parts of the area between the sea coast and the Cottica River east of the Tapoeripa Canal, most of which was only cultivated after c. 1785.

The map focuses on the still empty area along the Upper Cottica and Koopmans Creek east of (to the right on the map) La Paix Creek (called after the plantation La Paix on the Cottica).

Natural obstacles define the depicted landscape, and the land surveyor aims his attention at the swamps, savannas, and Blaka-Beri forests along the La Paix, Ceder and Koopmans creeks.

The map shows part of the newly designed line of the Defence Cordon between the Cottica and the final military post, Uitkijk (Lookout), on the sea coast, which permits a dating of c. 1775.

On two locations (indicated with the letters a and o) the distance between de Cottica river and the coast is measured.

The maker of the map must be sought among the military engineers attached to Johan Christoph Heneman and Johann Friedrich Ferdinand Wollant, both of whom played a part in the field research and plans for the Cordon.

Scale of 400 Chains= 180 ‘strepen’.

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