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Map of land belonging to mr. Lemmers


Map of land belonging to mr. Lemmers

Gardin, P. / Lavaux, Alexander de

Title Leupe: Kaart van de Sandrits tusschen de Plantagien Java en Norandibo. (links in 't opvaren).

This map shows three lots belonging to mr. Lemmers, located to the west of the Mot Creek (topside of the map).

Sir Jacob Lemmers requested the survey after obtaining these lands between 1684 and 1731, as is explained further in the notes on the right side of the map.

The southernmost lot (A, I-T) which lies between the Java and Queekhoven plantations (A-D) is finally handed to Lemmers after a long dispute about its ownership.

The annotations contain the measurements of the lots in Surinamese acres (1 Surinamese acre = 0.43 hectare).

The map is a copy of an earlier survey conducted by De Lavaux.

The annotations continue on the backside of the map (not visible here), and also contain the signature, dated 9 January 1748.

Scale of 50 Chains of 66 Rhineland feet = 104 ‘strepen’.

Taken from: [OBP Suriname] 1749 La B [fol.] 142.

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