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Map of the Cordon of Defence between the Cotica River and the Perica Creek


Map of the Cordon of Defence between the Cotica River and the Perica Creek

Goetzee, N.

Titel Leupe: Kaart van het terrein tusschen R. Perica en de Cottica enz.

This survey map was designed to complement the plans for the large Cordon of Defence which was constructed between 1774 and 1778 to protect the eastern plantation areas and the adjacent coastal strip against the initially very successful Marron troops led by Boni. The first designs and surveys had been prepared in 1772, but preliminary work on a large scale, in which the military engineers Johan Christoph Heneman and Johann Friedrich Ferdinand Wollant, played a leading role, began only a year later. Both of them produced detail maps of the separate sections of the Cordon path. This map of the section between the Cotica River and the Perica creek, however, was made by the surveyor Goetzee. Goetzee applies a simpler drawing style which is accompagnied by an abundance of notes and reference numbers. The main attention is not given to fortifications but creeks, gardens, plantations and forests. The map appears to complement the work of Heneman and Wollant through a focus on the lay of the land rather than how the defence should be organized.

Scale-bar of 200 Chains of Rhineland feet = 180 ‘strepen’.

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